To watch me dance
is to hear my heart speak

¡Buenos Dias!
My name is Kostaki Antoniadis Olivera, and I would like to welcome you to the Planta y Tacón website.

It is not enough merely to translate the term Planta y Tacón with the words “sole and heel” as this would not do justice to their Spanish origin - for in their native land the sole and the heel are instruments which symbolize that dance whose name stands for none other than pride, vitality and rhythm: Flamenco. The cultural heritage of the gitanos, the dance of the Andalusian gypsies. My dance.

Fast, powerful staccato casts a spell over the spectators, seems to bring time to a standstill in this majestic drama. Since my uncle kindled this fire in me over 30 years ago, thereby laying the foundation to my own career, I have endeavoured to impart this emotional roller coaster to my audiences.

Planta y Tacón puts dance, guitar playing and flamenco singing in the foreground, but is open to other forms of world music. In collaboration with fellow artists exciting show elements have been created in Germany and the rest of Europe. Flamenco has intermingled with the Latin American Tango or Salsa or has even joined forces with Indian dance or Jazz. At first glance these alliances may sound unusual, but audiences have always received them with great enthusiasm.

And this is the real aim of Planta y Tacón. The desire to live up to your expectations. Planta y Tacón with its individual concepts can wholly meet the needs of any event with a unique “made-to-measure” show. From corporate functions, fairs or concert events to TV shows, as can be seen from the vita, nothing is foreign to us. Get in touch with us. We will be pleased to furnish you with all necessary information without any obligation on your part.


Kostaki Antoniadis Olivera

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